Saturday, 28 February 2009

Disabled Jellyfish

Poor Egg Head
The weight of the egg box inside his head stops him from floating around like the other jellyfish
I don't know what to do with him he just sits on the floor all day.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

What goes in must come out.

Oh bloody hell now they've gone and pooed all over my room!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Feeding time

I thought that I'd better feed the guys as I don't think that they have eaten since being here.
I can't believe their favorite food is actually receipts how stereotypical.  

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Four more!

Four more arrived today!
I don't know if I can cope with the responsibility.

I haven't had time to talk to these guys really as they came this morning when I was trying to deal with an intense hangover so I just opened the window and went back to sleep.
I know that the the one who constantly looks shocked is called Bez, the reason he looks like that is because he accidentally suffocated a toddler last month and he still hasn't got over it yet.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Egg Head

This is Egg Head.

He's called this because as you can see he has a box of eggs in his head.
Apparently someone left them in his dad when they unpacked their shopping and the gene passed on to him. 

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Morris, Fraser & Cabbage

The word is out.
I am officialy a Jellyfish orphanage.

Meet Morris, Fraser and Cabbage.
Cabbage used to be called Bob but changed his name when he became an Eco warrior, he feels very strongly about our plastic bag problem and he was the spokes person for the 'plastic ain't my bag' campaign he even has it tattooed on his face.

Morris is different from the other jellies as hes got three eyes but I don't feel comfortable asking him about it yet and Fraser is his little brother. Apparently his mum just doesn't understand the difference between plastic and jelly.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Spencer & Irene

Once you let one in they all have to come don't they!
Apparently word has got out in the jellyfish world that I am taking in stray jellyfish now.
What have I gotten myself into?

Oh well I couldn't turn them away so here we have Spencer and Irene, Spencer is half M&S bag and has had quite a tuff time, when he was rejected by his family he went to join the circus where they rented him out to kids as a balloon, this caused him to developed a serious helium addiction. 
When the circus went to Scarborough he met Irene who he found stuck inside a Seagull carcass, think Im going to have to give her a shower because she stinks of fish. 

Monday, 2 February 2009

Exhibition 2 : The Plastic Bag Jellyfish

I was in my room this morning when I looked out of my window to find this little chap staring at me. 
He looked freezing cold outside so I let him in.

I once heard that apparently there are so many plastic bags floating around in our oceans that Jellyfish have started to mistake them for other Jellyfish and have started to have sex with them.
Well I did not believe the stories until now!

This little guy is called Martin and he is the offspring of this confusion. 
His mother had sex with a stray plastic bag in mating season last year, luckily his father was an old school blue and white striped plastic bag which looks quite nice but apparently allot of the Plastic Bag Jellyfish Martin knows are marked withe the Tesco or Asda mark which is not cool.

Anyway Martin has come to me to seek refuge, he had to float away from his home as he was not accepted by the other straight forward Jellyfish and when he hung out with the plastic bags it was quite boring.
He says that there are thousand of his kind just wondering around looking for a place to fit in.

As I partly feel responsible for Martin's breed I have agreed to let him stay in my room for a while. 
He shouldn't be any trouble as the plastic has taken the sting out of his tentacles.